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Key Findings

We are eager to share the results of our first Renewable Energy Education Summit with the CEEWA network. Below are the results of data accumulated during and after the event.

REES Numbers.png

Image by Erin Twamley

Attendee Feedback

The REES was a very fulfilling experience as a point of departure on what I hope is a continued path forward. The most impactful aspect of the REES was being able to participate by sharing my ideas and experiences as well as learn from others, especially in the small working groups.

Perhaps the most important, overarching insight was how interconnected renewable energy is and should be with all aspects of education and society, far beyond STEM alone. Vertical articulation of knowledge and skills required for employment in the renewable energy sector is crucial. Although I currently work mostly with middle school-aged students, it is never too early to be laying the groundwork of knowledge and skills for successful preparation for renewable energy-related employment.

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