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Lifting Up Student Genius for an Equitable Low-Carbon Future

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Clean Energy Education & Workforce Alliance

At A Glance

The Clean Energy Education & Workforce Alliance is a coalition of clean energy education educators, organizations, agencies, colleges and universities, advocates, researchers, energy industry associations, utilities and renewable energy companies. We are committed to working towards a resilient and equitable clean energy economy shaped by informed and engaged educators, students and public.

Our focus is on the real-world educational opportunities that the growing clean energy revolution provides in the form of advanced energy and climate technologies deployed in communities around the country in response to the impacts of climate change. The next generation of clean energy professionals and leaders are in school right now, getting ready to join us before we know it.

Join the Alliance to help ensure that ALL students no matter what they look like, their gender identity, geography, current economic status - are included and engaged in the rapidly growing clean energy career opportunities.

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The Renewable Energy Education Summit

The first Renewable Energy Education Summit, which took place virtually on February 4, 2021, focused on a commitment to ensuring that a post-COVID recovery accelerates climate action and rebuilds the economy in a just, equitable, and sustainable way through a variety of renewable energy education pathways.

The goal following this convening of nearly 100 energy educators, industry experts and researchers is to collectively drive bold policy through research-aligned frameworks that can enable widespread engagement around clean energy priorities.

Participants explored the impacts of renewable energy education, identified gaps and research questions, and established long-term working groups to address key issues around an equitable clean energy transition.


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